MCS-P Certification Course

September 26-30, 2016, (Mon-Fri) in Dallas, Texas.

A 48-hour course for CE hours hosted by The Collection Coach.

The Collection Coach is super excited to announce the Medical Compliance Specialist – Physician Certification. This in-depth course (48 hours) will provide a basis for regulatory compliance in all areas of Medicine. Anyone who knows healthcare knows the struggles that healthcare faces when it comes to compliance. The rules and regulations are constantly changing and being updated, so this course offers a unique opportunity to understand compliance from all sides. This course will take you through how to write a compliance manual (Larger companies or small companies) to implementation and audits.


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This very unique Certification is filling the holes in healthcare when it comes to the gaps in regulation implementation. This course is intense but covers all areas from CLIA, OSHA, HIPPA, Compliance, and much more. This course is the foundation need for measurable and lasting compliance success.

For many, MCS-P certification has been a catalyst for professional achievement. By attending the Medical Compliance Specialist Certification Course you will acquire leading edge credentials plus the tools and insights necessary for one of the most in-demand skill-sets in the medical field today.

As government regulations within the healthcare community increase, so does the need for talented people with a clear understanding of the laws and regulations, which influence decisions and guide the daily operation of a medical practice. This need has caused the Office of Inspector General (OIG) to recommend creation of a Compliance Officer position and implementation of a Regulatory Compliance Program into every provider’s practice regardless of size or specialty. With an understanding of the work plan you can help your medical professional entity not be driven by fear but instead succeed in practice.

The OIG has specifically identified risk areas associated with billing in addition to other areas. These areas have been among the most frequent subjects of investigations and audits. The Compliance Program should reflect reimbursement principals in accordance with applicable, specialty specific, statutes and regulations. Billing and reimbursement personnel will gain education and training to allow them to better fulfill the requirements of a comprehensive Compliance Program.

This course is best suited for Doctors (of all disciplines), Staff, Billers, Coders, Management, Health Care consultants, and any one else involved in Medicine today. Don’t get left behind in your career. Call today to join us for the Medical Compliance Specialist Certification Course. Space is limited so don’t wait.


September 26-30, 2016

8:30am to 8:30pm Mon-Thurs
8:30am to 12:30pm Fri (Test day)


Parker University
Health & Science Bldg B121-122
2540 Walnut Hill Lane,
Dallas TX, 75229


$3200 per person
Sign up BEFORE August 1 to get 10% OFF!


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Dr. Amy Wood, DC, MCS-P, MCS-I, BA, BS

Kelli Moore, MCS-P, MCS-I, CCCPC

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