Football and Documentation For Chiropractors

proper documentation can help avoid the fines from an insurance auditSo many people across the nation are talking about the Super bowl. What a game! I have heard the news reporters talk about how this was not New England’s win but Seattle’s loss. However you feel about the game, there are still many lessons that can be learned to help us with our chiropractic clinic.

Changes in Healthcare Reporting

Learning is a life-long endeavor. One thing I have realized is to continue to play hard until the very end because one never knows the outcome. But, with the uncertain state of healthcare today, it can leave Chiropractors feeling defeated. It seems that every day it gets harder to practice. There is a torrent of new insurance law going into effect with Obama Care. Medicare is continually breathing down our professional necks about documentation. And the fear of an insurance audit is palpable amongst our peers. If that is not bad enough, now HIPPA audits are coming your way with a nice little fine for “willful neglect” that could cost your $50,000! Suffice it to say, compliancy and all its components, are a very real threat to how all healthcare practices operate. Get all the evidence and stop practicing on fear!

Documentation done the Same Old Way…

If you are the sort of person that makes decisions based on other people’s actions, you could be sorely mistaken. If you are sticking to the same old documentation procedures that you have used in the past, you may be in for a big surprise. If you are doing what you see others do for compliance and documentation and you think, “If it worked for them, it will work for me”, you could be asking for real trouble. We all need to look at the Super Bowl game and say: “I am the one responsible for the decisions I make and the actions that result”. While, yes we can hold the coach responsible for his play call, we must also remember that he did make the call. Often times in practice we don’t make decisions, we burry our heads in the sand and hope no one comes looking because we are “flying under the radar”. But guess what? If you only bill for 1-2 regions (98940) or 3-4 regions (98941), YOU ARE ON THE RADAR! These are the only codes this carrier is auditing. and, if you have compliant documentation because you are using a “Certified” EHR – Think again! Diep Chiropractic got into real trouble with Medicare because “the software wouldn’t let him document to the strict guidelines that Medicare requires”. this resulted in an overpayment of over $708,000.

Are you except from Insurance Audits?

So, if you think you are exempt from audits, or from having to play by the rules when it comes to documentation, learn from their mistakes. We as doctors are no different than the Seahawks coach. We are responsible for our office, our patients and most importantly ourselves. We chose to graduate from Chiropractic school and represent our profession with the upmost honestly, integrity, and do no harm to our patients. So why is it that we burry our heads in the sand? Why is it we are one of the worst profession when it comes to documentation? We have been on Medicare’s audit list for over 8 years. Medicare and the other insurance companies see chiropractors as easy targets because we don’t document correctly. They actually refer to these audits as a return on investment. They have done the math, for every dollar they spend auditing a doctor – they get back $8.14. Now that is a real ROI! Isn’t time we all come together and stand up as a profession and say we do know what we are doing? Not only do we know how to deliver real healthcare, but we also know how to communicate it effectively with documentation.

Most importantly is the fact that as a Doctor of Chiropractic you are responsible for your office. If you use a billing company you still must know what is being billed and how. If you have associate doctors in your office you are still responsible for their actions in your office. If you are a CASH, Medical Insurance, PIP, PI or any other kind of office you still must comply too all the rules and regulations when it comes to HIPPA, OSHA, and State Boards and Federal Insurance Laws.

Stop trying to play by someone else’s rules and start playing by our own. Get the facts about documentation and compliancy. Work with the evidence not on fear.

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Kelli Moore, CA, MCS-P

Dr. Amy Wood, D.C., MCS-P

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